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405 Havelock Road
Furama Riverfront Hotel, #01-04
Singapore 169633
Tel: +65 6535 9664
Hp: +65 9793 1112
Email: MyWedding@academyvideo.com.sg
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Do give us as much information as you can. Alternatively you can drop us an email at MyWedding@academyvideo.com.sg
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Welcome to our Gallery.
The only thing we want you to do is to enjoy working with us. Yes, with us. Because this is your wedding short film, and we hope for you guys to be part of crafting out your very own masterpiece. It's for your little ones and it always has been. This may well be your first gift to them. Once in a lifetime event with a once in a lifetime experience. Let our over 33 years of industry experience guide you along. Email us to check our availability for an appointment please. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. Good day and be kind to animals =)