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ACADEMY VIDEO PRODUCTIONS PTE LTD          |          BRN : 198402379R          |         ADDRESS: 42 EAN KIAM PLACE, SINGAPORE 429127         |        PHONE: +65 6535 9664

Please enquire if you need one off quotations.



Get your existing buyers to share what they have bought.

Tap on your buyer's network?

We know cold enquiries are tough!

Quarterly, we will set out to film your desired property's construction progress.

With our CAAS Operator's Permit, and years of aerial filming expertise, leave this risky task to us.

You'll get :

a) an aerial video ranging anywhere from 1min to 3mins.

b) watermark of your name and contact details on the video.

c) videos will be produced within 1 week upon successful payment.

d) fuss-free video content; we will notify you via email.

e) royalty free soundtracks for all your social media needs.

f) the flexibility to post anywhere you want perpetually.

g) risk-free aerial activity operations.

Please let us know which property you'd like.





Video production should not be so expensive!

Especially Social Media contents.

Good thing the audiences need loads of it!

Don't worry about lack of dramatic stories or not having enough events to showcase. Audiences these days just need to be reminded that your clients' brand is still around.

With our in-depth understanding of the hip & trendies, and the consistent influence from the people of the high society, never start a video project without our advice.

You'll get :

a) highly engaging videos monthly.

b) royalty free soundtrack for all your social media needs.

c) a private channel on our vimeo page, where videos will be consolidated for easy reference, and downloading.

d) a 1 hour filming session by our professional crew.

Please let us know what you have in mind.



... and leave the video making to us.

Tell us how you're making full use of this package.

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